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Turnaround time is different for different orders. It takes 5-10 working days for short-run printing (after the proof confirmation). For large orders above 500 units, it may take 7-8 weeks.

The price is to vary the following quantity of pages, size of the book, trim size, whether interior or cover pages will be coloured or not, shipping location and type of binding, etc.

We accept company cheque, cash, email money transfer, interact, credit and debit cards, wire transfers, bank transfers, etc. You can choose to use any of these payment methods at your convenience.

GST is likely to be levied on a book which is to be around 5%. No duties and taxes are to be there in case of country shipments. You can have a talk with your accountant regarding this.

Yes, it will be appropriate for you to book an appointment with us before you proceed to visit our showroom physically. It will also be convenient for us. The appointment is to be booked from Monday to Friday anytime from 10 am to 5 pm. You can either give us a phone call or send us a mail to book an appointment.

No, we do not accept returns due to the nature of the custom printed products as they are non-re-sellable. However, for your convenience, proofs are offered free of cost when placing an order. In case some proven errors are made from our side, we will gladly reprint the job without any issue.

You are not required to have an ISBN of printing, but if you need it for publication, we can provide you with some links for the registration. Author registers an ISBN. On this number is generated and sent to us, we proceed to give a specific bar code accordingly, which is to be free of cost.

Yes, we make the shipment to the USA and all the other major cities around the world. You can visit our shipping page to gather more information on this.

We don’t do that because it is next to impossible to calculate the book’s costs over the phone due to the pricing system’s complexity. Hence, you are supposed to submit the quote request to our website’s quote request link. And we will surely reach you within the next 24 hours.

Once you complete writing your book, you must proofread the manuscript to correct the spelling, grammar, artwork, and other things, if there is any. Then you can send us the document to print in a book. We do our best to rectify the apparent errors and mistakes to make the book as flawless as possible. You are supposed to order a printed proof to see how the book will look in its printed form.

We offer different services such as postcards, folders, brochures, sandwich boards, trade show printing. Our other services include flyers, magazines, NCR forms; regarding signage. We offer services on Coroplast signs, Decals, etc. On the other hand, we also help establish the branding of your business professionally. Designing aspects like logos, portfolios, digital ads, banners happen to be our niche. Moreover, we are also into website design, Web hosting, SEO services.

Casebound binding, along with Smyth sewed, is something that we mostly recommend. In this binding, pages of a book are printed to a sheet and folded, generally grouped in small sets and sewn together. Finally stitched internal book is trimmed and attached to the head and tail band. Moreover, some hardcover is to be connected to a printed internal document.

Paperback usually is characterized by a paperboard cover or thick paper, mostly held together with glue rather than staples or stitches. Standard specifications for paperback are known to be as described below: The cover is to be digitally printed 4/0 color outside on 12pt coated cover, the pages are to be printed on 50lb uncoated white offset papers with 1/1 black ink, and the cover finishing is glossy lamination, soft-touch silk lamination or matte lamination.

Generally, the height should be 8 ½’’ and width should be 5 ½’’, but 9’’h x6’w’ also goes well. The memoirs are to be of similar sizes. In longer novels, this dimension should be 10’’h x 8’w’to not become bulky.

We generally offer different kinds of bindings such as saddle stitching, hardcover casebound, Flexi bound, perfect bound, OTA bound, board bookbinding, Smyth sewn, thread stitch binding, lay-flat, side sewn, coil bound, glue binding, and wire-o bound. You can visit our website to know more about this.

Perfect binding is mostly seen on most of the softcover books available on the book store shelves. Cover and pages are generally glued together at the spine, and the other three sides are trimmed to get perfect edges. It is a relatively inexpensive product that also comes with a professional appearance. It does not necessarily come with the feature of putting pages to the lay flat. Square’s spinal edge allows the book’s title and relevant information to get printed on the spine, thus offering the document’s prominent branding. 

We provide all kinds of world-class printing services. If you have seen a book on shelves, we can print that our skills and expertise in book printing are of the highest standard and quality. We offer customer-centric printing services.

It is a kind of book which is characterized by paperback cover or thick paper. These books are lower-cost books due to cost-effective glued bindings, writing, and other equipment. To create the softcover book, all the pages are stacked together and glued accordingly along the spine edge. Once the pages get dried, heavier stock papers are glued to the spine as cover. No folding is done except the body. Hence, pages are easily lined up, and the edges of the book become clean.

A Hardcover book is also regarded as a hardback book bound with unbending protective covers. Such readers might have flexible and sewn spines that allow this book to lie flat on the surface if opened. The covers of this book are made of cardboard covered with cloth, leather, buckram, heavy paper, etc. These books also get printed on acid-free paper, which is more durable than paperbacks.

This binding is a useful method to join pages and cover of some bound document. It is to offer several advantages such as spiral coil binding, sophisticated appearance, etc. Moreover, wire-o binding can effectively accommodate pages and inserts of varying thicknesses that generally include index tabs and dividers made from heavy cardstock.

A flexibound book is quite similar to the Casebound, except that cover is wrapped over the rigid grey-board cardstock. It offers higher perceived value than the traditional paperback and comes with better protection for inside text pages. This is generally bound with Smyth sewn for the lay-flat ability. The main difference as compared to paperback is that it has a more significant cover than interior pages. Moreover, this binding needs end-sheets to bound book cover as well as internal pages together. It can even put on the tail/headbands on the spine where cloth or leather can be used on the cover, and the range is likely to be created in a round shape. Paperback is not expected to offer these features or benefits.

You have the option to visit our official website of Sure Print Foothills to know how to order. Once we get your order details, then you will be receiving a customized email from our end. You can also send us an email or give us a call regarding the same.

You can check out our website whenever you want. This way you will be able to gather detailed information about our services and other aspects. All the information given on our website is valid and genuine.